Horses and Zebras

Truth and Tactics for Health Marketers

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Horses and Zebras?

The name for this content series is inspired by shrewd advice commonly heard by medical students: When you hear hoof beats, think horses, not zebras. It’s a reminder to focus on the likeliest problem and most direct remedy first. At BVK, we share data, outcomes and our best thinking to help health plans sift through the signals and noise to find the most effective marketing solutions.

BVK Experience:

We have deep experience across the spectrum of health insurance. BVK has worked with health insurance plans since the advent of managed care in the late 1980s. While our focus has been on provider-sponsored managed care plans, we have also worked with insurance companies of all types including state insurance exchanges and population health ventures. One of our greatest passions is creating purpose-driven experiences that impact lives and build healthy communities.

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