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Truth and Tactics for Health Marketers


How to Achieve Market Advantage when Competing for Health Plan Member Growth

Health plans function as a means for individuals and families to gain affordable access to the doctors, hospitals, medicines, and tools they desire/need to keep themselves healthy. Unfortunately, beyond the initial membership process, many significant interactions between members and insurers involves a process that actually keeps them from their healthcare. How do we overcome the negativity associated with the category? BVK’s proprietary research provides some answers. We will share data that defines the unique trust and accountability dimensions most credible for provider-sponsored plans, and scope and scale for national/regionals plans. Plus, practical application of the data that will help you compete against the biggest of health insurance players.

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    About Our Presenters

    Joel English
    Managing Partner, BVK Health

    As a marketing/communications strategist, Joel thrives on chaos and enjoys employing the “why not?” thinking necessary to deal with such a challenging industry. In his 31 years at BVK, Joel has worked with over 175 health care clients encompassing most aspects of the health care industry.

    Paula Serios
    SVP Health

    Paula brings a holistic ‘brand as business’ perspective of over 25 years of agency, corporate marketing and consulting experience to service industries. As a passionate ‘disruptor for the greater good’, she unearths strategic clarity and results-driven solutions to complex marketing, branding and business problems in life-changing categories.

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