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Truth and Tactics for Health Marketers


Maximizing the Impact of your Brand: Moving Beyond Demand Generation for Health Plans

BVK is partnering with Crossix to bring you solutions that help you grow your patient volume during this uncertain time of COVID-19.  In this webinar, we’re discussing how to use data and precision targeting to reach the right patient audience most efficiently and effectively.

Our solutions and insights help brands gain a deeper understanding of consumer and HCP audiences, activate campaigns with precise targeting, and measure and optimize marketing investments across multiple media channels.

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    Our Presenters

    Josh Derouin
    SVP Performance Marketing & Analytics

    As an analytical marketing leader, Josh is an expert at using data and technology to create demand for brands. He has applied this insightful thinking across multiple industries and verticals including healthcare, enterprise software, consumer travel, commercial manufacturing and sports & entertainment.

    Paula Serios
    SVP Health

    Paula brings a holistic ‘brand as business’ perspective of over 25 years of agency, corporate marketing and consulting experience to service industries. As a passionate ‘disruptor for the greater good’, she unearths strategic clarity and results-driven solutions to complex marketing, branding and business problems in life-changing categories.

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